Don’t believe anyone who says good writing only comes from innate talent. Yes, there are gifted authors who can touch you in ways you don’t even understand. However, simple effective communication through the written word is available to us all, if we just know how.

I run an ‘Essentials of Copywriting’ course that, in a day, seeks to explain and practise those fundamentals. It’s hands-on, with writing exercises, feedback and discussion. I’m a great believer that participants in workshops learn as much from each other as they do from their tutor. So we critique each other’s work and share thoughts, questions and discoveries.

There are two types of course. They both have essentially the same content but one is run in-house for a specific client and all who attend are from the same organisation. The other is a public course, open to anyone. Even with the latter I research the participants in advance and try to tailor the writing exercises to their needs and work context.

I have many years’ experience of training and education, so I understand that each person taking part will often want/need different outcomes from a course. They may be seeking confidence, a particular skill or just the ability to communicate more quickly and effectively. My aim, as much as is possible, is to satisfy all.

Here’s some feedback:

“ Mike Ward is a fantastic connector/trainer. This is one of the best one day courses I have ever taken part in, and I’m in my 50’s!”

– Participant, Tree House Care

“An excellent course with a presenter who has a deep knowledge of the art of copywriting and was 100% capable of transmitting it to other people.”

– Anna, Ricoman

“I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Mike was engaging and gave useful and constructive feedback while allowing us to analyse our own work”

–  Jenny, BrightHR

“Mike was brilliant. He prepared for the needs of those on the course and managed the team really well, despite having to contend with different levels of ability.”

– Kirsty, NCC

You can find details of my public courses, including price and dates, at If you would like to discuss a bespoke course for your organisation, call me on 07812 894731 or email [email protected]