Content Strategy

Your website can be full of brilliant writing. But if no one can find it, you’re wasting your time.

It still surprises me today how many companies publish websites that are impenetrable to their primary audience – prospective customers.

A common fault is to organise and present content based on what a company does, not what their audience is looking for. So products and services get bundled together in generic sections, even when they attract a range of different audiences.

Language is another barrier. Most site visitors may not understand the terminology and verbal shorthand you use each day, running your business. So why use it in your navigation headings and content?

The trick is to realise from day one that your site must face outwards, not inwards, and you must structure and present it accordingly.

A second strategic issue to consider is the purpose of your site. Is it to sell or establish relationships with clients? If the latter, you are more in tune with a web audience and, if done effectively, that will lead to sales.

The big question is how to engage with site visitors and turn them into prospective customers. This is where a content strategy really comes into its own, powering your overarching digital marketing activity, embracing also social media and other outlets. Prioritising how you can inform, educate and help your audience, and reflecting this in your content, will make a big difference.

‘Mike did a fantastic job understanding what we needed and providing a succinct, high quality analysis of our existing website materials in a very short time.

“He was repeatedly able to take large amounts of ‘brain dump’ content from us, refine this and make it meaningful and compelling. The drafts he provided needed very little adjustment.

Mike is a pleasure to work with and we will continue to use his services.”

– Keith Fairhurst, Molygran